Hello, World!

I have a trail of blogs behind me. You know the sort of thing: back in the early days of blogging I write a blog about me, a blog about astronomy, a blog about weather, a blog about photography, I gave up on them and started a different blog, I concentrated on Twitter, then Google+, then Twitter again, then started up a photoblog, then...

You get the idea.

I actually rather enjoy writing, even though I don't feel I'm terribly good at it. I currently have the urge to write some more, after having neglected my old blog quite a bit, so with this in mind I've finally decide that I'm going to try and force myself to occasionally write about the thing I do lots of, and know pretty well: software development.

And this is where I've settled. This is where I've decided is a good place to do this.

So, here we are, another "Hello, World!" post on another blog. Let's see if I can keep this one up. ;-)

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Sandeep Panda's photo

Thanks for setting up this blog! :-) I would love to see some articles related to Emacs. 🙌

Dave Pearson's photo

Developer, Emacs addict, geek. Hangs out with bioinformaticians as his day job.

Thanks. Emacs is a subject I'll very likely write about.